Các thuật ngữ seller Amazon thường dùng FBA

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ASIN = Amazon standard
identification number
ASP = average sales price
ATOP = at time of posting
AZ = Amazon
B&M = brick-and-mortar store
BAM = Books-A-Million
BF = Black Friday
BL = Big Lots
BMVD = books, music, video, and DVD
BN = Barnes & Noble
BOGO = buy one get one
BOLO = be on the lookout
BSR = best seller rank
BTS = back to school
CC = credit card
CCC = CamelCamelCamel
COGS = cost of goods sold
DS = dropshipping
EAN = European article number
EIN = employment
identification number
FBA = Fulfillment by Amazon
FBM = Fulfillment by Merchant
FNSKU = fulfillment network
SKU (stock keeping unit)
FTFBA = Full-Time FBA
GC = gift card
GL = Gated List
GTIN = global trade item number
HBA = health and beauty aids
HTF = hard to find
IL = Inventory Lab
ISBN = international standard book number
LTH = long-term hold
LTSF = long-term storage fees
MAP = minimum advertised price
MF = Merchant Fulfilled
MFN = Merchant Fulfilled Network
MSKU = merchant stock keeping unit
MSRP = manufacturer’s suggested retail price
OA = online arbitrage
OAX = OAXray
OOS = out of stock
OTC = over the counter
PB = Profit Bandit
PL = private label
PM = profit margin
Q1 = first quarter of the year
Q2 = second quarter of the year
Q3 = third quarter of the year
Q4= fourth quarter of the year
RA = retail arbitrage
ROI = return on investment
SC = Seller Central
SKU = stock keeping unit
SM = Scanner Monkey
SP = Scan Power
TA = Tactical Arbitrage
TG = Target
TJM = TJ Maxx
TM = Tuesday Morning
TRU = ToysRUs
UPC = universal product code
VA = virtual assistant
WAG or Wags = Walgreens
WS = wholesale
WM = WalMart
YMMV = your mileage may vary

Source: http://www.fulltimefba.com/

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